Monday, April 18, 2011


For the majority of my day, I deal solely with little people. These little people are super cute and have super personalities. These personalities can sometimes lead to precious, take-a-picture-in-my-mind moments that I want to bottle up for ever. Take for example, this picture:

Love her.

I'm also faced with equally important moments that try my patience and bring me to my knees when deciding how I should respond to mold these little characters into people who reflect the qualities of our God. Take for example, this picture:

Love her too.

But life is good here in the Dillard home. Where we have smiles like this to sustain us through the tougher days:

This little baby is trying her hardest to be a big girl. Eating real food, pulling up, even standing on her own for a few seconds. Even though I've experienced these milestones two times before with my other kids, it is still amazing to watch and fills our hearts with joy at watching this sweet little thing blossom into a little girl. Life is good.

It warms my heart (and sends me running for my camera) to stumble upon my kids doing things that showcase their growing personalities, increasing independence and blossoming imagination.

Here is Gabriella reading after nap time in our newly remodeled window seat.

Melia is in her element outside. I can't wait to see where her love for nature is going to take this one.

Below is Oliver exhibiting his "boy-ness" - trying to throw his friend Benjamin Bear as high as he can in the air. "Did you see that mom," is a phrase I hear often and I always try to stop what I'm doing and take notice.

Life is also changing in the Dillard home. Slowly but surely, these kids keep getting older. While I do not feel like the time has just FLOWN by in such a way that I feel like I have missed watching them grow, it is sobering to begin to experience the fact that as a mom, my goal is to slowly work myself out of a job. Yes, Oliver will be going to Kindergarten this fall and we registered him at Weatherford Elementary a week ago. Daddy got to come too and we enjoyed meeting some of the faculty and staff there as well as getting a tour of the school. Oliver told me, "Mom, I'm not excited about this" as we were preparing him for registration a few days before. I asked him why and he said, "Because I like my [pre] school now!" As hard as it was to experience this sadness and loss with him, it was one of those opportunities to help mold his little characters into one that reflects the qualities of our God. I acknowledged his sadness and had the opportunity to teach him how to deal with change. Priceless moment.

Thankfully, we all (mom especially) feel much more comfortable and excited about Kindergarten after this visit!

Oliver, Dad, and Benjamin Bear (his visiting friend from his preschool class) at Weatherford Elementary.

I do feel sadness at the time I will miss with Oliver starting this fall, but also look forward to getting to spend everyday with these two cuties:

I love you three so much and gladly accept the responsibility of being your Mommy. Through this good and bad, hum-drum and ever changing life, I will always be on my knees seeking wisdom from our God on how I should mold your little characters into people who reflect and glorify Him, our awesome Creator.