Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pregnancy Update

I am just starting my third trimester already if you can believe it! I am 28 weeks this week. Nothing too major has plagued me so far. If I get too busy I get backaches and I was really feeling super tired last weekend but I think it was just a combination of a busy weekend and fighting a cold. This week has been much better energy-wise (also probably helping are the afternoon naps I've been taking with the kids every day). I've never been much of a napper, but at the beginning of the pregnancy and now I'm really needing it!

I was happy to hear at my last ultrasound that the baby's kidney is almost back to normal size. My doctor is still wanting to monitor it so we have two more ultrasounds coming up. But hopefully things will stay on the normal side!

The kids have enjoyed feeling the baby kick and intellectually know what is coming... although I know it will be a shock to them when the baby is actually here! I just signed them up to attend the Big Brother/Sister class at our hospital where they get to take a tour, and hear from a nurse how to help care for a baby. Gabby's class encourages them to bring their Teddy Bear from home to practice on. So cute! She will love it! And hopefully Oliver will too - in his class they get to go on a camping and hiking adventure through the hospital.

Things are starting to feel more real about the baby coming now. Some friends are throwing me a baby shower next weekend and I'm going to the doctor every 2 weeks now. I'm also rapidly running out of room for the baby and all of my internal organs. I will miss feeling the baby inside of me, but will enjoy having my body somewhat more normal in a few months. I've pulled some baby stuff out of the attic so with that stuff and some teeny-tiny diapers and setting up the pack-N-play in our room, we should be ready to go once the baby arrives. We've narrowed down a few names (both for a boy and a girl) and are ready for the big announcement in the delivery room of whether it is a boy or girl! That is really fun to look forward to - it hasn't really been too hard for me to wait to find out.

Exciting times ahead! We'll keep you posted!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Photography by Oliver...