Monday, May 17, 2010

Remodeling of sorts

Our household makeup is up for remodeling. We are working to prepare for a new introduction coming at the end of June, but in the meantime, we had to make a hard decision that removed one of our household regulars. We had to put our dog Kuzco to sleep last Sunday. We found out that he had very advanced prostate cancer that had caused his bladder to get so enlarged that it was shutting down his other organs. We saw it on the x-ray and it was pretty extreme. So we made the hard decision to forgo doggie chemo and put him down before the bladder got so full it ruptured which would have been extremely painful. We were very sad as we had him for 7 years - almost our whole marriage. We are doing ok with it now - and it will definitely make our lives simpler in time for the arrival of our new baby.

Gabriella decided she wanted to hand-feed Kuzco one day when he wasn't feeling well...
sweet girl!

This weekend, we made our last trip before the baby comes down to Fulshear to visit my family. Everyone was in town for Emily's college graduation so it was great to see everyone. We all enjoyed getting to celebrate Emily!

We also got to celebrate my sister Megan who is having a baby in August with a "Beck Girls" baby shower. We went to a cute little cafe in Fulshear and really enjoyed our girl time.

All the girls


Gabriella's really into making silly faces for pictures now. Here she is modeling one of her silly faces at Megan's shower.

Pregnant Sisters

Gabriella was good at opening presents too

Ready for naptime!

Another silly face

My super cool man - he LOVES going to Meme and Pepe's house and had a blast on the trampoline, in the pool, and with all of their toys and books!

Just love the sweet smile on that baby face!

Monday, May 3, 2010

New Looks

A few people in our home have a new look. My belly is growing bigger everyday giving me an ever-changing look. Here I am at 32 weeks. I am getting nervous about how much bigger I will get over the next two months since I already feel huge! Ahh... pregnancy.

Me and my model girl

The second "new look" is for my dear husband. He finally went to see the eye doctor for the first time in his life (only because I made an appointment for him and told him when to go), and he was not too surprised to find out that he needed glasses. He'd been noticing a lot of squinting and was prepared for whatever news the doctor would hand down. It turns out his prescription is worse than mine and I've been wearing glasses everyday since college. The glasses finally came in today, so below is a picture of the new, studious-looking Matt! I think he's pretty cute!

It will take some getting used to for him - he's already been asking me lots of glasses-related questions. His eyes are still getting used to the adjustments his glasses are making for him, but hopefully after a few days he will be feeling more comfortable.

And because I want to feature all of the members of our family in this post, here's a picture of Oliver... just for nothing except to showcase how cute he is!

Here he is - my little computer man. Just like his Daddy!