Monday, August 5, 2013

Catching up on Spring 2013

We had a busy a fun Spring this year! 

In April, we took our family camping with a couple of other families. Our kids LOVE camping! Oliver loves exploring the woods and going on "adventures." Gabriella loves pretending outside and Melia has always been our outdoor girl. It's a fun way to unplug for the weekend and spend some good time connecting as a family!
 Playing in the leaves

The campground we went to had a playground which the kids enjoyed. It was even kind of cool that morning!

Daddy and Oli playing catch

 Our campsite with our humongous tent in the background

Gabriella lost her first tooth while we were camping. We were so surprised as it was a whole year earlier than Oliver lost his first tooth. She was quite excited :)

Oliver played on a baseball team this Spring/Summer. He got to be on a team with two of his friends Carter and Mason. The team was the Tigers and was coached by Carter and Mason's dad. It was so fun to be on a team with friends and Oliver got much better as a player as the season went on. He went from hardly ever hitting in a game, to getting a few hits a game there at the end. He told me one day, "Mom, I'm gonna hit it today! I'm not scared of the ball anymore!" What a big boy!

Mason, Oliver, his buddy Cooper on the opposing team, and Carter

We went down to Fulshear to visit my family in May and attend my brother-in-law Basilio's college graduation. It was great to be there with all of us there! While we were there we went to visit my grandmother for Mother's Day. Here are all of the girls on Mother's Day!

Mother's Tea at Gabriella's preschool

Gabriella graduated from preschool this year and will be headed off to Kindergarten in the fall. She LOVED school so much and looked forward to everyday she got to go. She loved eating lunch there and was a great student and friend. We are so proud of her and excited to see where God will take her as she grows!
Getting her diploma

The pretty graduate!

My garden is continuing to grow! Here I am with the first "fruits" of my garden - some lettuce!

Gabriella excitedly lost a SECOND tooth this spring as well!

I got to have a Mommy/Son date with Oliver at his favorite place Yogurtville on an early release day from school

Cute kids - I love the personalities shown in this picture

Sweet sisters

For the last day of school we went to our new favorite frozen yogurt place - Monster Yogurt! If you are a mom - check it out! There is a play area inside the store!! So FUN! Oliver finished off another awesome year at Weatherford Elementary. He'll be headed to 2nd grade in the fall.

Oliver with his good friend Cannon on pajama day. They loved matching all day and being "twins!"

We were all so happy to welcome back our good friends to Aarseths! They have been missionaries in Africa for the past two years and we have missed them a lot. Gabriella especially because she has always considered Olivia her best friend. They are now home for good and we have enjoyed seeing them regularly again!

Gabby and Olivia at Olivia's birthday tea


This summer has been full and fun! Oliver and Gabby started off the summer with a week at a Pirates and Princesses Drama camp! We were so proud of Oliver especially for coming out of his shell and saying his lines clearly and with volume!

The kids after the performance!

We've kept busy with our playgroup, preschool camps, gymnastics camp, and lots of downtime at home. Summer is so fun!! More summer stories to come...