Monday, January 13, 2014

December Fun!

December was a busy but fun month for our family. The big kids got to participate in the Little Rookies program sponsored by the Dallas Stars. They got 2 free weeks of skating/hockey lessons at the ice rink right by our house. They got all suited up (which took quite a while with 9 pieces per uniform for two kids!) and spent an hour on the ice. Their skating got so much better by the end of the first lesson and by the second week, they were really making some tracks. It was fun (and cold) to watch them working on developing a new skill!

Each kid had a Christmas party and I was happy to be able to attend all of them! :)

Melia - age 3 in the Chocolate Chips Class at her preschool

Gabriella and her friend Abby at their Kindergarten "pajama" holiday party

 And my big boy Oliver at his 2nd grade class party. His teacher added a little holiday atmosphere to her wall via her projector :)

We were so blessed to be able to spend Christmas Eve with Matt's extended family. We had a great lunch and gift exchange at his Uncle Mark and Aunt Debbie's house. The kids enjoyed playing with their cousins and we all enjoyed catching up with each other. Matt's sister and brother and their families all came in town for Christmas. Since they live in Colorado and Indiana, we don't get to see them as much as we'd like to. So it was truly a treat to spend almost a full week together! We love y'all Schroeders and Dillards!!

Christmas Morning Fun!!
 Melia loved her new earmuffs :)

The girls in their Frozen costumes... sister princesses Anna and Elsa

Oliver enjoying his new Zelda guide book

The girls building a gingerbread house with their cousin Olivia

Finished product

 The Dillard grandkids (in age order): Olivia, Calvin, Oliver, Atticus, Gabriella, Melia, and Henry with their Papa and Granna

The big kids holding their newest cousin - 2 month old Henry