Monday, October 21, 2013

Gabriella Turns 6!

Our sweet Gabriella just celebrated her 6th birthday this month! To celebrate we had a fairy and dragon birthday party with many, many family and friends! She counted down the days until her birthday party like a true almost 6 year old and was so thrilled when the day was finally here! 

We had an amazing face painter at the party and she was definitely a hit!

My little fairy being transformed!

Gabby with her friend Abby from her Kindergarten class

The boys were dragons. Here is Oliver getting transformed!

 And pretty little Melia

 Gabby's awesome cake made by my friend Ashley Jones!

 We played a game of fairies vs. dragons. The kids (mostly) had fun and the dragons enjoyed capturing the fairies. Some fairies cried. It was a wild time!

 My pretty fairy earned her wings by completing her task to sprinkle fairy dust in the dragon cave

King Dragon!

 My mom had a bunch of fairy decorations that she brought from her house to help decorate for the party! She also made all of the fairy wings and headbands! Thanks so much mom!

And my awesome sisters again dressed the part. Here they are as the Fairy Princesses!

Cake Time!!


We love you Gabriella and are so proud of the friendly, caring, loving girl that you have become! We love watching you grow and can't wait to see you grow into the beautiful young woman we know you will become!