Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Grocery Store Birthday Party!

We now have a darling 5 year-old girl in our house! Gabriella excitedly turned 5 this week - a day she has been waiting for for weeks! We celebrated her birthday with a Grocery Store Party in our backyard. Ever since we visited a children's museum that had a pretend grocery store in it - which she LOVED - I had the idea of setting up a store for her at our house for her birthday. With the help of many of my friends saving their used cartons, boxes, and packages, we had a fully stocked grocery store for Gabby and her friends to shop at: Gabriella's Country Market! Friends brought their shopping carts, put on their employee name tags, and manned the registers for the excited shoppers!

  The front door

Oliver filling out his employee name badge

Presenting... Gabriella's Country Market!

Our cute cashiers at work

And the happy shopper!

Look at that beautiful smile :)

The boys eventually ended up here!

Texas Longhorn Grandpas!

Gabby and Georgia have been friends since they were 2! Sweet girls!

Chocolate cupcakes with gold coins on them to stay in theme!

I love how she is playing with bunny's ears as we are singing "Happy Birthday!"

Present time!

My first attempt at a panoramic picture with my phone. I think it turned out pretty good and captured some of the action!

On our way to dinner with the family after the party... silly Uncle Bossy!


This last picture just takes the cake and fills my heart with a smile. We love you our sweet, girly, kind, compassionate, smart, helpful little darling! We are so thankful you are ours!