Wednesday, December 12, 2012

College Memories - 10 years later!

We had the priveledge last month of traveling to San Antonio with our kiddos to attend our 10 year college reunion. Matt and I met while in college at Trinity University, so going back there to visit always brings back special memories. We were thrilled to be able to stay at the same hotel as our best college friends and see all of our kiddos play together. My sister Natalie came with us to watch the kids for us while we went to the reunion - she is such a wonderful aunt for so many reasons!

We toured the Alamo in downtown San Antonio Saturday morning and attended a picnic on campus on Saturday afternoon. We were able to spend some time walking around the gorgeous Trinity campus, and Matt and I got to spend the afternoon exploring the new and improved campus... peaking our heads inside the on-campus dining halls, walking through some of the classroom buildings, getting outfitted with t-shirts at the bookstore. We also drove to Taco Cabana for some tortillas and queso, visited the cool Half-Price Books near campus, drove through Alamo Heights, and got a milkshake from EZ's in The Quarry. Fun times!

Our kids got to spend the afternoon at Sea World with my parents (who also drove there to meet us) and Natalie. They loved it and Oliver was already asking to go back as they left!

A stop at Fazoli's in Waco on the way down!
Playing on the awesome playground at the hotel with the Ewert kids

At the Alamo!

On campus:

We loved spending the day with Dan, Anne, Adam and Stephanie! Thanks for STILL being great friends! Hope to see you all again soon!