Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of School

Today our whole family took Oliver to school for his first day of 1st grade. He was excited and ready to go. We talked about last year on his first day of Kindergarten and how he was a little nervous that day. I asked if he was nervous today and he said, "No, I've done this already!" It's not his first first day of school :)

He was in extra silly mode this morning as he is most of the time these days. But mommy still wanted his first day of school picture with his new clothes and backpack.
 Ready to go!

 Being silly

Walking in the front door. He was pretty embarrassed by my picture taking so I had to sneak in these next few pictures without his knowing.

Putting his backpack in his locker

At his desk. He was excited to have a "desk" this year instead of just a table. All of the desks have trays underneath to hold all of his supplies.

 Gabby practicing her locker skills for when it is her turn for school next year!

And baby girl along for the ride. Oliver did the math this morning and told me that when Melia goes to Kindergarten, he will be in 4th grade. I'm not ready to think about either of those things! Good thing I have a few years to adjust :)