Sunday, January 22, 2012

January with the Dillards

Here is my big boy. He is "almost in first grade" to hear him tell it. He is also counting down to the 100th day of school and is very excited for that to come on the 30th! He loves all things Batman and frequently asks his daddy to play "Lego Batman Wii" - which means they act it out in real life... each of them being assigned to be one of the characters. Sometimes even the girls get assigned characters... catwoman, poison ivy... but always the "bad guys." Lately he refuses to wear long sleeved shirts even on the coldest of days and loves to wear "awesome clothes" - which means any athletic pants or shirts. He's still playing basketball, but prefers to watch everyone else interact on the court and usually just hangs out by the half-court line happily hopping around flicking his ears, and watching the rest of the team play :)

Gabby is still the ultimate girly-girl. She loves to paint fingernails, wear dresses and shop for clothes! She is looking forward to a Daddy/Daughter Dance coming up in a few weeks and is excited to get to wear her flower girl dress again! She is reading like crazy and we are so proud of her. She actually enjoys it and can often be found reading through our set of Bob Books or a Dick and Jane book. She loves to do crafts and decorate paper, books, doors, anything with stickers. She still loves school and told me the other day, "Mom, did you know the sun is the closest star to the earth." Love it!

Melia continues to exert herself as the big girl she knows she is. She likes to "walk, walk" everywhere and does not like me to carry her. She climbs on any chair, couch, kids table, dinner table, or bunk bed ladder that she can find! She loves her brother and sister and often asks for them when they are at school... "Bubba? Sissa?" She is a growing girl and wakes up each morning demanding her "Bite, bite!" She still loves playing outside and does not let the winter weather stop her (although today it is an unseasonably 75 degrees, thankfully!) She loves her "Ba ba" (paci) and Ellie (elephant blanket) and Barney and Elmo and has the cutest big-belly ever!

Matt and I are looking forward to celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary this year and are taking a study-trip to Israel with our church... just the two of us! It will be quite an adventure for us and for our awesome family members who are stepping in to take care of our kiddos. We are so thankful for everything God has blessed us with these past 10 years!