Thursday, September 15, 2011

First Day of Preschool

Gabriella started preschool last week and this school-loving girl was SO ready! We love our preschool and are so excited to be up there again every week. She was excited to make new friends and see some friends from last year. And in true friendly-Gabby fashion, she already wants to invite her teacher to her birthday party :)

This year, she gets to do the "big kid" things that her brother used to do - go to the library, go to Spanish class, and have jobs in the classroom. She proudly told me about her first visit to the library and told anyone who would listen, "I got a book about a Dinosaur who goes to the doctor!"

Gabby picked out her own clothes the night before and asked for a "braid ponytail" - so we dressed her up and snapped some cute pictures on our way out the door.

Ready to be in the Oreos Class!

With Gabriella, we always need to have SOME silly pictures...

She cracks herself up

Little walking sister dressed to match

My girls

Walking in to school

Gabriella and one of her teachers

We got her a school t-shirt and she proudly wore it the 2nd day of school. And once again braids were requested!

We love you so much big girl! Thanks for bringing so many smiles and giggles in to our lives!