Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lots of love!

Our kids love holidays... the decorating, the themes, and doing something out of the ordinary! I like Valentine's Day because it's pretty low-key, yet we get to focus on how much we love each other. Matt and I wrote letters to each of the kids and put them in cute tin mailboxes for them to open in the morning. I made some Valentine's cupcakes that we shared with our friends that afternoon, and then for dinner it was heart-shaped pizzas! I love my family!

Thanks for the cute outfits Meme!

Oliver's shirt says I ♥ Daddy!

Decorating our pizzas

And here is our little model posing for the camera! She's going to need her second hair cut soon!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ice and Snow

We've had a lot of ice and snow lately. A lot for Dallas anyway. Enough to close down the city for 4 days straight. One snow day is fun... but 4 will really get to you. However, through it all, I feel like we made some great memories. Watching Swiss Family Robinson for Family Movie Night, bundling up to play in the snow, having a fire going in the fireplace, drinking lots of hot tea and hot chocolate, wearing our pajamas for days at a time, making an obstacle course, turning the playroom into a grocery store... good memories. Here are some pictures of the ones I love most and the source of these good memories.

My three babies!

This girl LOVES clothes, dressing up in cute outfits, and shopping. Good girl Gabby! Mommy is so proud!

This girl is all smiles 95% of the day! Love her!

We've added a little ponytail to Melia's daily look. And she'll probably need her bangs cut again soon.

Oliver being Oliver

Over 6 inches of snow to play in!

Food coloring and water make for a pretty mini snowman!

Snowman courtesy of Uncle Bossy (although the banana mouth was Oliver's idea)

I read about an activity that I thought our animal-loving boy would enjoy, and happily, I was right. I took 24 of his small plastic animals and put them into 2 ice cube trays, filled them with water, and let them sit in the freezer for a few hours. Then I told him that a bad guy (his favorite thing to play) had taken his animals and frozen them all and we had to save them. I let him think on his own about how he might free them. We ended up using a meat tenderizer to bust these buddies from their icy prisons.

An icy animal in distress

Their hard working hero...