Friday, July 31, 2009

I love to shop...

...AND get a good deal AND help other people. So click here to get a coupon for this weekend to all of GAP Inc. (Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic) stores and help The Leukemia & Lymphoma society!

I know I'm going and getting my 30% off!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Missing... one best friend

So I went to put Oliver down for his nap... and we couldn't find puppy. I knew immediately that we had left him when we were out running errands this morning because I remember having him in CVS but didn't remember loading him back up in the car afterward. So sure enough, I called up there and puppy is there. We will go get him after naptime. Oli was sad not having him. I explained what I thought had happened as I put him to bed. I got him some other blankets he likes but he said "I need a small blanket for my fingers..." he wanted something to twiddle between his fingers like he does with puppy. Poor baby.

I went back in his room after I found out where puppy was and told him he was at the store. But he was still sad and wanted him. He had gotten another stuffed animal - a blue Horton elephant - out of his toy box while I was out. So I laid down with him until he went to sleep and told him we would go get puppy when he woke up.

Sad times. But SO happy that I found him. The 30 seconds I was on hold with CVS while they looked for him were very long seconds!!

This seems to be a common occurrence (see my post about the missing bunny). I had told Oliver to leave him in the car as we got out at CVS so we wouldn't lose him. He said that puppy would be sad and cry and miss him. So I let his sweetness win out and puppy came in with us. Next time though, mommy will win.

Here is are some pictures of puppy:

A Tribute to Puppy
Puppy Through the Years!

Puppy is a world-traveler. Here he is with Oliver on a Caribbean cruise!

With Oli in his crib in Phoenix

With silly Daddy and Uncle Dan in Utah

After naptime

In his first big boy bed!

Meeting baby sister!

Papa having fun with Puppy!

On stage in Hawaii!

Puppy helping Oliver give Gabby HER puppy-like blanket...

"Puppy-head" on an airplane flying to visit our friends in Phoenix

At Aunt Natty's wedding

Meeting the flower girl Kiana

Posing with Oliver who is showing us he is 2 years old... NOT telling us that we are 'L'osers!

Helping to keep Oliver happy at Aunt Megan's wedding reception

Oli, puppy, and Grandpa Pepe taking a nap

Helping Oli love on little sister

Watching a show

On a family road trip

We love you puppy and look forward to having you home with us as soon as Oli wakes up from his nap...

Friday, July 24, 2009

All over the place

I love it when my kids learn new phrases... I think it is just plain cute to hear grown up phrases coming out of their little mouths. The phrase I heard Oliver say today was "All over the place." There was a little bit of a downer though... the context to him using the phrase. Here is how it played out:

Me: (walking into the bathroom) How's it going honey?
Oliver: (sitting on the potty) Umm... I got wee wee all over the place! On the potty, on my leg, on the floor, everywhere.

Awesome. But God knew that cute kids would help alleviate some of the frustrations they cause. And I've definitely got some cute ones! So I'm happy to say I actually handled this parenting situation nicely. Hey, at least it was just "wee wee"!

Oliver... looking as if he is saying "Why are you telling everyone this mom... how embarrassing!"

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fun Family Visit

Over the 4th of July weekend, we were thrilled to have my Aunt LaRessie and her family here to visit. It seems like we travel so much to visit family that it's so nice to actually have family come to us this time! They came in Thursday night and we played all the way until Monday! My aunt is only 9 years older than me... so we have a very close relationship! I remember growing up playing with her barbies and sleeping with her in her bed when we went to visit my grandparents! I only wish we lived closer now and could hang out even more! She is a great example to me as a mom and a woman of God. And her husband Mark and her 4 girls just make life so much more fun when they are around!

Kamryn reading to Gabby... on a nice, lazy morning

A game of Sorry broke out - the first board game Oliver will actually play!

Karena and Gabby! Karena looks A LOT like me when I was her age. Isn't it funny how you find your look alike somewhere down family line...

We played lots of Wii! We borrowed a Wii cheerleading game from our neighbors which the girls loved!

This is NOT the only way I can get my little girl to sit still while I fix her hair! :) The truth comes out...

4th of July - Statue of Liberty - Kamryn!

The Mason Family (minus Kelsa - we missed you girl!)

Our flag waving family!

It was plenty warm - so a run through the sprinklers was in order!

Loving on my girl!

We headed out to play miniature golf one morning

Thank you all so much for coming to visit us! We hope it's not long until we see you here again!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Paint the Playroom/Kitchen - #95 - CHECK!

I've been wanting to paint our playroom and kitchen area since we moved in. I also had a little bit of old wallpaper to take down and texture underneath. So I took advantage of my aunt LaRessie and her family being in town and recruited some extra laborers. I was so thankful for all of their help with the painting and decorating. It LOVE how it all turned out. I'll let the pictures do the talking!


Yucky old ceiling fan I couldn't wait to get rid of!


The first roll! I liked the color on the wall immediately!

My aunt LaRessie

My Uncle Mark helped me with the edges

The finishing touches


I had been wanting to display dishes on this shelf in our breakfast nook for a long time. It finally made it from an idea in my head to an actual display! Woo hoo!

All of the decorations are hand made. My aunt and I decoupaged the animal print letters and painted the rod. We also cut of the 3 animal pictures, mounted and framed them. And my Uncle Mark cut out the big monkey and giraffe for me and we covered them with fabric! LOVE it! I also found those 2 big baskets at Target to hold toys - and stay in the jungle theme!

Check out the cute animal prints we found and framed!

Where's Waldo... er... Gabby

I made these flower pictures using scrapbook paper by using some pictures my mother-in-law had as a template

It makes me smile every time I walk in that room now which is quite often. The simple pleasures in life...