Thursday, September 13, 2012

First Day of Preschool

My girls started preschool last week and were excited to go. Gabby LOVES school and Melia was excited to get to finally use her "ladybug packpack." We love our preschool and were counting down the days until it started up again. I am excited because I get to use the day they are at preschool to volunteer in Oliver's classroom (and have lunch with that cute big boy)!

Gabriella is in the Cookie Monsters class and is one of the oldest in the school this year. She was a little shy in her transition to a new classroom and new teachers, but after a few days, felt right at home. She still loves wearing dresses and skirts and all things pretty.

My big 4 year old. Her last year of preschool before Kindergarten next fall!

Melia is in the Gingerbreads class and has already had to sit in timeout for pulling another child's hair. :| But she was upset about it... or at least upset that she got caught. We are working through the terrible twos over here, but she has made progress!! She loves to play with baby dolls and loves even more to see real babies. And there's not much that's cuter than a two-year old's voice. I love to listen to this sweet girl talk!

My serious 2 year old :)

 "Say cheese"

Our neighbor was backing out of her driveway and stopped to come over and take a picture of all of us together :)

Walking in to school together. Gabriella was very proud of her triple braid (look closely). She asks for braids almost every day so I've tried to get a little more creative! Even baby sister got a little braid for the first day of school.